Ryoko GOTOH  Director of the Board/ Representative for Advisory Boards

Striving to Build an Eco-System for Innovation

Startups are extremely important for bringing forth new employment opportunities and industries that help create sustainable cities. TEP is developing a community of entrepreneurs who lead in creating innovative solutions for our society today, and mentors who nurture and provide extensive support in their progress to succeed on the global stage. In this way, TEP aims to construct an eco-system that facilitates the spread of cutting-edge Japanese technology around the world to revitalize Japan’s currently stagnant economy. Join us on this exciting journey.

Current positions

• Has been a member of TX Entrepreneur Partners since its inception in 2009, helping run the organization since then
• Has launched and run several other urban planning-related entities
• Completed the 2011 Global Entrepreneurship Leadership Program at the Lester Center for Entrepreneurship, Haas School of Business of UC Berkeley

Brief history
2001 Graduated in Architectural Design from the School of Art and Design, the University of Tsukuba
2003 Obtained Master’s degree in Design from the School of Art and Design, the University of Tsukuba
2000–2002 Adjunct at Urban Planning Department of Building Research Institute, Ministry of Construction (now the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)
2003 Joined Urban Design Department of UG Toshi-Kenchiku Co., Ltd., becoming a project director and leaving in 2011 2011 Founder and CEO ofURBANWORKS Inc.