Los Angeles Base

In order to support the many Entrepreneur members seeking to develop business overseas, TEP offers a base of operations in Los Angeles, California in the USA. This foothold provides office space through the cooperation of Oishi & Company and Mr. Ryutaro Oishi, a TEP Support member with his main office in Los Angeles. Please use this facility to propel your business development abroad.

 TEP Support member: Mr. Ryutaro Oishi

After graduating from Keio University business school, worked at the Coopers Lybrand Tokyo office and the Price Waterhouse Los Angeles office as a financial auditor and consultant for Japanese companies trying to break into the US market. Started his own company, Oishi & Company, in 1992. A US Certified Public Accountant.

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A great base of business operations in the USA-Central Los Angeles


A location in central Los Angeles, inside the AON Center, one of the leading high-rise business towers that line Wilshire Boulevard in downtown Los Angeles. Just a 25 minute taxi ride from Los Angeles International Airport. Nimble support for business with excellent access.

Meeting rooms and cubicles to suit a wide range of business scenes


As the foothold for breaking into the US markets, there are meeting rooms and empty cubicles available inside the Oishi & Company offices for use at no cost for pre-determined periods of time. In addition to desk work, these facilities can also be used to meet with partners and clients.

Support from Oishi & Company offices


Persons making use of these facilities can also obtain support from the Oishi & Company offices for a fee. The support services available include accounting and tax services related to operations in the USA, as well as comprehensive consulting services, and overseas business development of environmental technologies that are a focus of Oishi & Company efforts.

Facilities Usage Conditions

・The facilities will be available for use during normal business hours of the office, M – F from 9:00 to 18:00. (You will not be provided a key and allowed free access)

・The fixed-line phones are not available for use. Please arrange for your own mobile phone line.

・Internet access is free via WiFi

・An interview with the Oishi & Company office is required before permission will be granted to use these facilities.

Facilities outline

Access:Los Angeles Metro Red line [7th Street] station, 2 minute walk

Address:707 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 5320, Los Angeles, CA 90017,USA

Contact for applications (only from TEP members) and inquires:TEP Management Office