Support Members

TX Entrepreneur Partners (TEP) Support Members are a voluntary group of individual experts that aims to foster entrepreneurs and Startups and thereby help reenergize Japan. Among these professionals with frontline knowledge in their fields and exposure to emerging trends are attorneys, certified public accountants, tax accountants, judicial scriveners, patent attorneys, and small and medium-sized enterprise management consultants. They also include licensed social insurance consultants, certified and associate financial planners, business consultants, venture capitalists, and marketers.
To date, TEP Support Members have formed teams with Angel Members, harnessing their expertise, techniques, and experience to help resolve various entrepreneurial challenges. Once monthly, a general gathering of Support Members is central to passionate debate about ways to assist TEP Startups. This body is one of Japan’s leading support communities because of its ability to provide detailed, comprehensive support to entrepreneurs in terms of starting businesses, building operational infrastructures, cultivating sales channels, expanding operations, and developing overseas capabilities.

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