Global Partner Program

TEP aims to build a platform for technology based startups that are expanding their business on the global stage. Working in partnership with a startup community of each country enables us to support worldwide startups both domestically and internationally.
Beginning with the targeting market, it is crucial for startups to seek their business partners and employees in optimal, overseas locations by going beyond the domestic boarders. In particular, most issues to be solved by technology based startups, TEP’s focus, are globally common issues. Therefore, they must always have the global mindset.
Today, we have designated 29key persons(as of March, 2017) from 19 cities in our startup communities as “global partners”, making it possible to access these commnunities around the world.

<Support for non-Japanese startups to expand in Japanese market>

・1 month free use of 31 VENTURES KOIL co-working space
・1 month free use of mentoring sessions by TEP mentors ※31 VENTURES KOIL is a co-working space which TEP HQ locates, operated by Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd., one of our corporate members.
(31 VENTURES KOIL official
※TEP’s mentors are composed of angel investors, specialists of legal affairs, tax matters, accounting and patent issues, etc.

<Support for Japanese startups to expand in overseas market>

・Introduction to local networks through Global Partners in each country
(Incubation facility, mentors, VCs, specialists, administrative supports, universities, research institutions, and so on.)
・Advice based on each country’s business market
・Any other coordinated program depending on partners of each country

※All inquiries for Global Partner Program to TEP Management Office.