Noriaki OZAKI  Vice Chairman,Director of the Board, Representative for Support Members

Come on, let’s sail off on an adventure together!

I believe entrepreneurs are the ones who can change the world. This is because I think free ideas and actions are key to creating the future. Industry has centered around large corporations, not only in Japan but also globally. But with globalization and improved infrastructure today, not even the largest corporations are sure of tomorrow. That is how speedy and diverse the world we live in is. In this speedy and diverse world, there are rough seas. It is a ship that can be freely steered with a slight turn of the rudder as well as an adaptable and supportive crew that can overcome these waves. In other words, it can only be an entrepreneur or a team that can make decisions and act quickly. Speed is the greatest asset. But a voyage is dangerous nevertheless. It is not all sunny days, and ship-sinking rocks may lurk in unexpected places. Those that came before you left charts and a compass in the form of TEP. And better yet, the veteran navigators here will support you full force. Come on, let’s sail off on an adventure together!

Current positions
• Representative, S-factory
• Technical Committee, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization
• Researcher, etc., Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation

Experience in support of venture and startup bussiness
• Business development support for over 50 small and medium-sized enterprises, including over venture capital firms
• Various experiences as adviser at government startup support projects

Brief history
2004 Graduated, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyushu Institute of Technology
2004 Joined consulting firm specializing in domestic business development
2009 Founded S-factory