Minoru HIROOKA  Auditor



Assisting Hard-Working Entrepreneurs

TEP's membership includes veteran executives and expert supporters who assist unique entrepreneurs. We have found through experience in helping startups that enterprises find it hard to grow by leaving things up to others. Entrepreneurs must themselves be strong-willed for their businesses to keep growing. I would like entrepreneurs to take full advantage of TEP's resources in moving forward. TEP is thus unstinting in its support. As an auditor, I seek to contribute to TEP's healthy operations while offering solid support for the growth of startups.

Current positions
•Head of Hirooka Certified Public Accountant Office

Experience in support of venture and startup bussiness
•Was part of an IPO support team while working for an auditing firm, assisting in everything from company launches through listings
•Since becoming an independent accountant, have assisted startups with financial management and taxation matters
•Providing audits to ensure that listed and unlisted companies are operationally sound

Brief history
1971 Born in Hyogo Prefecture
1997 Graduated from Keio University Faculty of Business and Commerce
1999 Joined Chuo Aoyama Audit Corporation
2001 Registered as a certified public accountant
2007 Joined Ernst & Young ShinNihon
2009 Established Hirooka Certified Public Accountant Office