Kazuyuki MASUDA  Advisor



Building a Virtuous Cycle for Entrepreneurship

We believe the followings.

1. Entrepreneurship is the key to social reform

2. There is a complementary relationship among the inventors, entrepreneurs, mentor-angels and supporters for each venture enterprise.

3. Mentor-angels possessing special knowledge, skills and experience are an intellectual resource to support and complement the functions of the entrepreneurs.

4. When a new startup is established the participants accumulate knowledge and experience to become an entrepreneur in the future, leading to the birth of new entrepreneurs.

5. The birth of an entrepreneur leads to the creation of new startups and new mentor-angels, further accelerating the virtuous cycle.

TEP welcomes the participation of people wishing to contribute to this virtuous cycle of entrepreneurship.

Current positions
• Chairman of SIJ Technology, Inc.
• President & CEO, ZouKouSha
• Director of HPS Technologies Inc,
• Director, Green Pyrolant
• Lecturer, Meiji University Graduate School of Global Business
• Other

Experience in support of venture and startup bussiness
• Started several companies, including the ultra-fine inkjet technology company SIJ Technology, and provided seed/early money for more than 10 businesses
• Obtained a doctorate from Waseda University with a thesis on venture capital
• Lecturer on venture business at the Meiji University Graduate School of Global Business
• Author of books on venture-related topics, including
 [High-Tech Ventures and Capital to Support Business Startups] (in Japanese, 2007, Gakubunsha),
 [MOT Advanced Technology Venture] (co-authored, in Japanese, 2004, Japan Management Association)

Brief history
1951 Born in Shizuoka Prefecture
1974 Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Economics
1974 Joined the Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd.
1980 MBA, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
2000 Left the Industrial Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Head of the IT department)
2000 President & CEO, Faitec (through 2002)
2003 Advisor, Research Institute of Economy, Trade & Industry, Venture Development Center
2005 Completed the Biomedical curriculum (for working adults) at the Tokyo Women’s Medical University
2006 Ph.D. Waseda University Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies (academic)